Why is Aviation important for the development of tourism in the country?


Why is Aviation important for the development of tourism in the country?

November 27,2016- Kathmandu

Tourism has always been brought again and again in discussion forums, in news, and in magazines as a factor for improvement in nation’s economy but its development always remains stagnant. The diversity that Nepal provides in landscapes, the enchanting visuals high in mountains and low in the basins are unparallel to any nation worldwide. These all things that provide the country with very much potential to flourish on its own through tourism must have different infrastructures developed to turn the dream into reality.

One of the most important factors that tourism completely depends on is the development of aviation industry. With more number of flights the country has en route to different destinations, the better number of people are likely to visit and know the place aiding the growth of the economy. As an instance, Ethiopia has direct routes to many different continents from the country flourishing the wave of passengers making people visit its lands. The country national carrier, Ethiopian Airlines is the sole airline company to fly directly from East Asia to Africa which also includes China. Likewise, Singapore and Thailand invites thousands of tourists every year due to their reach to many nations directly via their national airline company which boosts the economy of the country further.




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Narita Airport Delegates holding discussion with NAC

Nepal Airlines is progressing on such context as it is about to bring two more narrow body jet aircraft making its big aircraft fleet totaling to five which is a big step forward. Additionally, Nepal Airlines plans to fly directly to London and Frankfort after International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) informed that Nepal will be removed from the Significant Safety Concern (SSC)list which barred it from flying directly to Europe. Until that time, Nepal Airlines will be proficient to fly in Europe with its two new wide-body aircraft. There many unseen and remote places in Nepal still waiting to be touched and explored and that would be possible only if tourism gets nourished widely whose key lies in the development of aviation.

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