Why Private Jet Charter Business Is Taking Off

The numbers are clear; the private jet business is still booming. In the wake of most of the earth’s population being incredibly nervous about traveling with an unknown and potentially dangerous public, the private jet industry saw an incredible uptake in bookings and the ultra-wealthy purchasing their own jets for ease of travel and flights in the absolute lap of luxury. Though many came to the idea of taking a private jet flight rather than a commercial one for the safety of traveling more or less alone, the now incredibly dedicated private jet-set crowd has stayed for its comfort and convenience. Aviation industry analysts say that the numbers speak for themselves; many families as well as small to medium businesses (where previously it was only very high-income businesses) are using private jets to travel rather than opting for commercial airlines. 

Private jet travel now accounts for around a quarter of all US flights, as opposed to 20% in 2021 and 10% the year before that. With new and concerning viruses on the horizon, the private flight sector is already receiving more booking calls from worried travelers hoping to avoid the crowds. Let’s take a look at all the reasons why the private aviation sector is only going to grow over the next few years.

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In a post-restricted world, many travelers have hung onto the habits they built when times were a little scarier. Though risks are still out there, they have been minimized by a lot; you can never be too safe! Traveling by private jet versus commercial flight has safety upsides that simply cannot be ignored. 

Firstly, flying private means that you interact closely with a far smaller number of strangers than you would on a commercial flight. You get to skip the check-in and boarding queues; the only other passengers on your plane will either be family, friends, or colleagues and the flight staff is far smaller and able to provide a lot more attention per passenger. Though commercial airlines are bound by regulations to require stringent cleaning and sanitizing, private jet staff are far more able to pay special attention to the thorough cleaning of their planes and all the seating and surfaces within them.

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Some of the points from our previous heading overlap here a little. No one in the world likes to stand in long lines with a bunch of strangers. No one wants their flight delayed or canceled by the airline for some complicated, internal reason that no passengers are ever made aware of. No one likes sitting next to a complete stranger who is either snoring their head off, coughing and sneezing up a storm, or chomping loudly on incredibly crunchy handfuls of nuts and chips. 

If you rent or own a private jet, all of these horrendous interactions are off the menu for you. You skip the queues because check-in and boarding only involve you and a few other people if any. If your flight is delayed, it will only be due to entirely unavoidable reasons like a natural disaster or to you being late yourself-not some airline strike. The only other passengers on board will be people you’ve chosen to fly with and the flight crew, so no scary strangers will be around either. Takeoff times are set according to your schedule, instead of you having to make plans according to the airline’s pre-set flight plans.

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Commercial airlines offer first class, which is far and away the most comfortable option if a commercial is the only way you can go. However, a private jet rental is simply the only choice if you want to be as comfortable as humanly possible. The armchair-style seating is plush, luxurious, and soft enough to nap away an entire flight. There’s plenty of space for all the passengers to move around the cabin (after the “fasten seatbelts” signs go off, of course). You could play a game with the family, prepare a business presentation to share with potential investors when you land, watch a movie and relax; the choice is entirely up to you. 

Instead of being crammed into a window seat and having to climb over the legs of sleeping neighbors to get to the tiny, cramped airplane bathroom, you can move around with ease. The flight attendants have far fewer passengers to focus on, meaning they can devote their attention entirely to the needs of you and your travel companions. Luxury travel awaits you on the private airline of your choice.

Wrap Up

Being safe and comfortable and joining the highest possible level of convenience will never go out of style. The private aviation industry is on the ascendant, and it looks like there’s only more of that to come in the immediate future.

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