Why Your Health Should Still Be a Priority When Travelling Abroad

Traveling is one of the best things we can do for our physical and mental health. It gives us a break from our daily routine and surrounds us with new sights, tastes, and experiences that can provide us with a much-needed break, as proven by Brits taking as many as 71.8 million trips in the previous year alone. When you consider that many Brits couldn’t travel abroad over the last few years, there has been a big increase in demand from just a few years ago.

Bonza Airline lands at Avalon Airport. Picture: Tony Gough

However, when pearly-white beaches and non-stop sunshine surround us, it can be easy to abandon our healthy eating and exercise habits in favor of relaxation. After all, that is one of the main reasons for traveling abroad. Yet, our health and well-being should remain among our top priorities even when not on familiar soil. But why?

We’ve created this article outlining several reasons your health should still be a priority when traveling abroad to help you understand. From ensuring that you enjoy your holiday to the fullest and keeping harmful germs and bacteria at bay while traveling, keep reading to discover more below:

Affect Your Ability To Participate In Activities

As well as being a time to break free from the daily stresses of life like work, or personal affairs, traveling abroad is the perfect time to participate in activities you wouldn’t usually get to when on home turf. From theme parks and water activities to nature hikes and visiting iconic tourist destinations, your holidays can get you participating in some weird and wonderful activities that can make your break one to remember. However, suppose you have a pre-existing medical condition or injure yourself while traveling. In that case, you might be unable to participate in all the activities you would like.

Whether you lack the energy to partake in the activity itself or you’ve found that you are physically unable to participate, eating healthily, getting a good amount of sleep, working out, and looking after your general health. At the same time, traveling is essential for ensuring you can get involved in these activities. If you are traveling with family, you don’t want to be unable to participate with them during activities. The more fit and healthy you are, the more likely you will be up for engaging in various activities.

Prevents You From Getting Sick

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean that germs and bacteria will give you a free pass and leave you alone. Whether you’re sunbathing in the Maldives or sightseeing in New York City, if you’re feeling rundown, you can easily contract something that can turn into a full-blown sickness bug and ruin the rest of your holiday. Nobody wants to get sick while on holiday, so ensure you don’t by looking after your general health and well-being! From wearing a facemask (when required) and carrying hand sanitizer everywhere to washing your hands regularly and researching what amenities are available, you can avoid the spread of harmful germs and bacteria in many ways.

Another way you can protect yourself against the repercussions of illnesses (pre-existing or not) is by taking out relevant travel insurance; for example, check out specialist insurer Staysure. Offering insurance to those under fifty and beyond, their policies can give you peace of mind while traveling abroad and ensure that you don’t incur repercussions from unforeseen events like baggage loss, cancellation, pre-existing illnesses, etc. You should look for as much relevant coverage in a policy when researching.  

Allows You To Enjoy Your Holiday To The Fullest

From booking your plane ticket to boarding the aircraft, you have counted down the months, weeks, days, and even hours until you touch down on foreign soil. As a result of all this anticipation, you want to ensure that you have the best time possible and enjoy your trip abroad to its fullest, which can be challenging if you don’t look after your health and well-being while away.

When you feel good physically and mentally, you can’t help but inject that positivity into everything you do, whether it’s topping up your tan on a sun lounger or exploring one of the many tourist traps. On the other hand, if your physical or mental health is suffering, all you’ll remember while participating in these activities is how uncomfortable you felt, which is not how you’ll want to remember your holiday! So, ensure you do just that, or you’ll live to regret it at a later date!

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