Wing Tips and Winglets

A part of a wing that is the most distant from the fuselage of a Fixed-wing aircraft is called the wing tip. They are the expression of an aircraft design so there shape may influence the aerodynamic requirements. It is also used by designers to mount Anti-collision lights, Landing lights, Strobe lights and Navigation lights. The shape of the wing tip influences the drag and the size of the wing tip vortices so there are various types of winglet including –

  • Rounded
  • Winglets
  • Sails
  • End plates
  • Tip Tanks
  • Squared-off
  • Fences
  • Hoerner style
  • Dropped tips
  • Aluminium tubes


Winglets reduces the wing tip vortices. It produces a good performance by reducing drag. A vortex is formed when flow around the wingtips stream out. Several airliners like the Airbus A340, A330, 747-400 includes winglets. It has become popular additions to increase fuel efficiency by reducing drag.

Wingtips help aerobatic aircraft for there Aerobatic maneuvers.

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