A wish fulfilled by Pilot

25 Apr 2016 – Sumesh Shrestha – (BBC)-  Not only the Flight Attendants but also the pilots are always aware about serving their passengers inside an airplane any way they can. If you are thinking it’s just the duty of the flight attendants to do so, you may find it interesting to know about an event that occurred in an Etihad Airlines flight which proves that pilots also take an equal care of their passengers during a flight.

This event took place on an Etihad Airlines flight that was lined up and waiting on runway for departing Manchester Airport of London. The pilots instead of pushing the throttles full power for takeoff made a round thought the runway and taxied back to the gate. The reason: an old couple received a phone call informing them that their grandchild was seriously critical and breathing his last breaths.

The couple was restless as soon as they heard this news but had nothing under their control for which they knew stopping the plane during that phase of departure was impossible. They were so desperate and only could wish to see their grandchild one last time before he left but they could see no way for that as there was no chance of getting off the airplane.
But luckily the pilots flying the airplane got to know about this situation of the old couple after which they decided abort the takeoff, changed their direction and brought their plane back to the terminal gate. In addition they also made a cab booking for the couple from inside the cockpit through their contact.

Issues have been raised against the pilots for diverting a plane ready for takeoff towards the terminal gate. But this old couple is very thankful to the pilots for being their only chance to see their grandchild in his last moments. The plane was destined to Australia departing from London. If pilots didn’t headed back to the gate, the wish of the old couple would never have been completed. They are really pleased with the pilots, for their kindness.

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