Wondering How to Fly Vegas for Cheap? Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

Do you want to fly to Vegas for cheap? Call your friends and get your bags ready to fly to Vegas for cheap. You may have missed your favorite artist’s live shows or cannot travel to your favorite destination and always searching for cheap ways to fly; the wait is over. By the end of these travel guides, you will be able to find ways to fly to Vegas for cheap.

Flying to Las Vegas, most probably, you will fly to McCarran International Airport. It is the main airport in Vegas for public use. Many domestic and international carriers serve this airport and make one of the busiest airports in the world.

It is located at Paradise, Nevada, 5 miles south of downtown Las Vegas. The airport is owned and run by Clark country.

Currently, Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 are used for passengers in McCarran International Airport. Passengers flying in Allegiant Airlines use gate A, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines to use gate D, Southwest Airlines use Gate B, C, and Spirit Airlines to use Gate A and B in Terminal 1. Likewise, Terminal 3 is home for all the international Airlines. Passengers flying in Air Canada, Frontier Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, United Airlines, and Hawaiian Airlines all check-in and receive their baggage at Terminal 3 and depart from Gate D.

The parking is located on the south side of the airport corridor. McCarran International Airport also provides services such as restaurant services, Wi-Fi services, other stores, and necessary services.

The Cheapest Airlines to Vegas

Some airlines provide cheap flight tickets with more services to its customers to fly to Vegas. These airlines offer cheap tickets to Vegas and provide other services as a low charge of luggage, carry-on bags, etc.

Southwest Airlines

The southwest airlines check-in in Gate B and Gate C at terminal 1. Southwest Airlines do not charge a Change fee and provides you two bags checked free through which you can save some money. You can join a rapid reward offer and can use your points to get a reward flight. Southwest also comes up with special packages that provide great deals at a cheap price you can enroll with.


JetBlue Airline emphasis customer service with budget-friendly travel. It can be a better discount airline option if you are from the U.S. East Cost. Jet Blue Airlines provides you one carry-on and personal item charge-free, but you will be charged for a checked bag. Jet Blue is a transfer partner for the American Express Membership Reward points.

Frontier Airlines

It’s common to find bargain-prices flights to Las Vegas on Frontier Airlines. The round trip flight from San Jose, CA, is cheaper than one way on Frontier Airlines. Frontier Airlines provides a discount of up to 30% on its flight to its customers, usually on special dates and months all year. Frontier Airlines charge fees on carry-on bags and checked bags.

Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air another cheaper airline to fly to Las Vegas. Allegiant Air provides an advanced booking option from time to time for its customers. You can pre-book your tickets in advancement through which you can save some money on the flight. You can adjust or cancel a flight without paying any fees within 24 hours of booking; usually, domestic change costs $200, and international change may cost up to $400.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska airline usually comes up with a discount seat for its customer. It is cheaper than other airlines and more beneficial to those who are from the U.S. west coast. You are permitted to carry 1 carry-on bag plus one personal item. You have to pay $30 for the first bag, and $40 for the second one. And most importantly, to get a below-average price, you have to book at least 3 weeks before departure.

Traveling date

Some days are more expensive, compared to other days of the week. For this, you can spot price trends on a flight search engine such as Google flights, skip lagged, momondo, etc., so that you can book your tickets with less ticketing price than the typical day’s amount. You can also book your flight tickets in advance for a low price. You can book your tickets from four months in advance to at least 1 week before departure to get a below-average price. Roundtrip ticketing is also another way to economize your flight costs. You can compare the flight rate online and gets your tickets ready. Both Business class and economy class can get tickets at a cheap rate while booking in advance.

Cheap months to fly to Vegas

Flying to Vegas is cheaper in January, August, and October. January is the more reasonable month to fly to Las Vegas because January is the coldest month in Vegas. The average low temperature drops to 39°F (4°C), and the average high-temperature rise to 58°F (14°C). If you are from a cold country or love the cold season, this is the best season to travel to Las Vegas. Likewise, August is the cheapest month to fly in Vegas as the weather is blazing hot and not much suitable for those from a cold country. But still, you can enjoy the pool party and food and in the restaurants and bars. October might be the best month to travel as the ticket price is cheap as there is more bargains and yes the weather is also useful in October.

Cheap days to fly to Vegas

The best day to select flight tickets is on Tuesday afternoon as you will get the best time for comparison of low prices and a wide selection of flight fares. Airlines usually start their ticket sales from Monday night, which brings a more comfortable option for the customer to select on Tuesday afternoon. You can choose a wide variety of low price tickets. To get the cheapest flight to Vegas, you have to fly mostly on mid-week or Saturday. The price of tickets is more on Friday and Sunday as more people travel on these days.

Avoid Holidays

The fare rate is high on holidays such as Christmas, New Year Eve, Valentine’s Day, or the super bowl. Since holiday seasons are the peak season for airlines, getting a cheap ticket is very low. It’s OK not to fly on special holidays to Las Vegas if you want to fly at a lower price than average.

Well, these are some of the ways to fly to Vegas for cheap. The best way is to compare the flight search engine’s fare rates and dig out the special packages that airlines offer to you.

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