World’s longest route flights that have been established till now

Airbus A380-800- aviationnepal
Photo: Emirates Airlines Airbus A380-800

World’s longest route flights that have been established till now

December 12, 2016

Along with improvement in designs, aircrafts have become more fuel efficient and the growing number of passengers who demand less time to move from one place to other has created competency and demand in the conducting longer route flights which span greater distances.

Qantas which has confirmed that it will be conducting flight through London to Perth route which is a 14,498 kilometers (9008 miles) distance from March 2018 after it receives Boeing 787, Dreamliner. The flight will the first regular one which wil directly connect Australia and Europe. The time for the flight will be 17 hours.

Likewise, other airlines are also fighting for their position to provide facility for flights that will travel longer routes in shortest possible time.

Still the longest direct routes are already 17 hours which tells that to travel great distances, your melatonin won’t come easy and red eye flights will hunt you.

World’s longest air route

On a strong competition for this plug, the Gulf airlines, Emirates and Qatar airways are in a fight over the Dubai- Auckland and Doha –Auckland route which is quite ultra-long.

In March, Emirates gained the title of the world’s longest commercial flight, finishing the 14,200 kilometers (8,824 miles) to the New Zealand city.

Qatar Airways pronounced tactics to launch flights from Doha to Auckland later this year or early in 2017. This will limit Emirates at 14,539 kilometers (9,034 miles).

Boeing 777- aviationnepal
Photo: Enmirates AIrlines Boeing 777

Longest regular nonstop route by time

Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to Auckland (New Zealand)

Airline: Emirates. (DXB-AKL). Distance: 8,824 miles (14,200 kilometers)

In terms of time alone, Emirates takes pole situation with its Auckland trips.

Hovered daily by a Boeing 777-200LR organized for 266 passengers, it takes 16 hours on its destiny flight and 17 hours and 15 minutes on the return flight.

As of October 31, the airline started working the route with the Airbus A380, the lengthiest route yet to be flown by the giant airliner.

Longest route in terms of distance

The longest route in terms of distance is through Delhi (India) to San Francisco (United States) route. India’s national flag carrier, Air India (DEL-SFO) covers a distance of 15,140 kilometers (9,408 miles). Air India now soars to San Francisco via the Pacific rather than via the customary polar route — a move that avoids the use of valuable fuel.

The Boeing 777-200LR of Air India whose new course can yield benefit of the high-altitude jet stream, giving it speed-boosting tailwinds all the way to San Francisco.

The flight which used to take 17 hours now takes 15 hours.

Longest international flight in near future

The longest international flight in the coming future would be from Doha (Qatar) to Auckland (New Zealand). Qatar Airways (DOH-AKL) which will be commencing a distance of 9,032 miles (14,535 kilometers) will lauch the flights starting from February 5, 2017.

As Doha is a little west of Dubai, the instant Qatar Airways takeoffs its own nonstop flight to Auckland it will be able to claim first place in the ranking (also in terms of time).

This flight, which is expected to begin operation in February 2017, will also be plied by the reliable Boeing 777-200LR.

Air France- aviationnepal
Photo- Air France Airbus A380

Longest nonstop domestic flight

The longest non-stop domestic flight will be from Paris to La Réunion (France) where Air Austral, XL Airways (CDG-RUN) at a distance of 5,809 miles (9,348 kilometers) along with Air France, Corsair, French Blue (planned) of registration number of ORY-RUN at a distance of 5,802 miles (9,337 kilometers).

Consider it or not, it is neither Russia, nor Canada, nor the US, but France that can lay right to the longest nonstop domestic flight.


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