Xfly decides to introduce Embraer E195 jets

Xfly has demonstrated rapid growth with the announcement to expand its fleet by introducing new Embraer E195 jets.

Xfly is an Estonian-based airline subsidiary of Nordica, which is the state-owned flag carrier of Estonia. The airline resorts its pride in building a large and sustainable aviation company as it has played an essential role in the European air traffic market in a short span of time. Estonian aviation will expand its fleet with Embraer E195LRs as a part of the preparation for air demand during this winter and next summer season.

Xfly E195

According to Xfly, the introduction of E195s represents a rapid growth as a dedicated long-term regional aircraft capacity provider partner, a major step forward to serve the major airlines in Europe, and a comprehensive solution for the clients in flight operations on this winter 2021/22 and next summer.

Xfly seeks to give a significant boost to its competitiveness in the European aviation market.

Although the pandemic hasn’t stopped to hit the aviation sector, it has been an opportunity for Xfly to introduce new aircraft. As Xfly specialized in comprehensive long-term flight services and aircrew services, it hasn’t proved vulnerable to retail risk, and ticket sales don’t determine the company’s profitability. Xfly will enhance the capacity to pent-up the expected air traffic demand by outsourcing the regional production of aircraft having a seating capacity of up to 140 seats. As the airline needs to focus on its main business, Xfly is heading up to continue its rapid growth, providing flight services in Estonia and Europe.

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According to Mr. Jan Palmer, CEO of Xfly, Xfly is pervaded by the darkest and longest crisis, yet the team has come out stronger and more dedicated than ever. Due to a pandemic outbreak, Estonian airline Xfly reported a loss of 6.5 million euros in the previous financial year. The company couldn’t adapt to its original production plan during the fall of 2020. However, it bore a significantly smaller deficit than the original prediction due to restructuring its air operations and restoring sustainability in just a few months.

Market performance of Xfly now

At present, efficacy and increase in the number of vaccination doses positively impact the aviation market, with more business opportunities rising and business concepts becoming more relevant in the post-crisis. Today’s aviation market is coming back to the track, and Xfly has grown significantly as its flight volumes have intensified almost four times compared to those at the start of this year. As the interest in the services of Xfly has leveled up in post-crisis Europe, the company has also decided to reintroduce the Embraer E195 aircraft.

Effect of Pandemic on Xfly

The entire economic activity halt brought by the global COVID-19 pandemic resulted from the massive drop in flight operations, reduction in the number of fleets. The airline laid off nearly half of its staff and minimized the workload. In the first quarter of 2020, Xfly announced to undertake the largest expansion in the company’s history, which should have begun by 2020’s summer season. The company had initially planned to serve the routes from Tallinn to Stockholm, Brussels, and Warsaw, operated by LOT Polish Airlines. The expansion decision was halted by the rapid spread of coronavirus worldwide. Even before the pandemic, Xfly intended to level up its flight operations with E190/195 E1.

Xfly E195

After more than a year of downtime loss and surviving the biggest crisis in aviation history, the company stated that it is ready for new flights. As a part of a comeback in the business, the company also takes a project out of the drawer to incorporate Embraer E195. Initially, four such aircraft are expected to be leased from leasing company Regional One.

Embraer E195

Embraer E195 jets are a combination of performance and efficiency, having a larger wing, a large horizontal stabilizer. It has an excellent operational and economic versatility, both in air and on the ground, incorporating new sound-absorbing materials, light and quiet system, and is environment-friendly. E-Jets are the intelligent use of space, as they incorporate a human-focused design approach. By bridging the gap between regional and mainline aircraft, Embraer E195 jets will fly to the skies of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

About Xfly

Throughout its six-year history, Regional jet/Xfly operated regional flights and aircrew services for larger airline companies like SAS and LOT, with their aircraft bearing the name of Nordica. Embodied with the announcement of the change, the planes will also adopt its new brand name. With the incorporation of new jets, Xfly will boost the fleet with three different aircraft types, including ATR72-600 turboprops and CRJ900s.

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