Yearly Loss Of 31 Crore NRS From Chinese Aircraft

Yearly Loss Of 31 Crore NRS From Chinese Aircraft

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has informed that it has beared loss of NRS 31 crore 33 lakhs due to operation of Chinese aircraft under it’s fleet. NAC also mentioned that increment of yearly loss is due to addition of Xian MA-60 and Harbin Y-12e.


According to the sources of NAC, from the poush of last year to the poush of this year, it has beared total loss of NRS 32 crore 35 lakh in domestic sector. High Insurance Premium, expensive spare-parts, costly license renewal of pilots and engineer having ratings on MA-60 and Y-12e etc are the factors that have resulted in high yearly financial loss of NAC.

If the remaining Chinese aircraft that are on the way to join the Nepal Airlines begin to operate then NAC will bear loss of more than NRS 50-60 crore yearly.

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