Yeti Airlines installed traffic light at the Golden Gate of the TIA

A new traffic light has been installed at the Golden Gate at the Tribhuvan International airport,Kathmandu, Nepal under the coordination and initiative of the Metropolitan Traffic Police. A new traffic light has been installed at the Golden Gate at the airport on Thursday.

Janak Bhattarai, Chief Superintendent of Police, and Anoj Rimal, CEO of Yeti Airlines, jointly inaugurated the newly connected traffic light program in collaboration with Yeti and Tara Airlines.

SSP Bhattarai said that the traffic light had been intensified to promote the Kathmandu Valley as a safe and civilized city, making the traffic management technology-friendly and facilitating traffic management.

SSP Bhattarai said that the lights had been installed at the main gate of the international airport, and it is planned to install traffic lights at other intersections in the coming days.

Speaking on occasion, Anjan Budgami, Director of Administration, on behalf of the airlines, said that the traffic lights would play a supportive role in the daily road usage, which would directly benefit the general road users while bearing social responsibility. He expressed that the development and use of technology should be given priority to solve the traffic congestion, road accidents, and other traffic problems in the Kathmandu Valley.

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