Yeti Airlines Jetstream encountered minor incident at Pokhara Airport today

Yeti Airlines Jetstream 41 encountered nose-wheel lock during backtracking at Pokhara Airport today afternoon. The scheduled passenger flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara landed at Pokhara Airport at around 1 PM today but some mechanical failure resulted in the nose-wheel lock while the jet was backtracking.

Photo: Yeti Airlines ‘9N-AHW’ BAe Jetstream-41 at the ramp at Chandragadi Airport

The incident however did not produce any destruction as the aircraft suffered the problem while backtracking which is carried out at a slow speed.

According to the official from Pokhara Airport, “The operation of the airport remained closed for an hour as the faulty aircraft was blocking the runway. There were no any incoming flights at that time. The jet is currently parked at the airport’s apron and is waiting for the maintenance.”

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