Yeti‘s ATR 72 inauguration flight waiting for CAAN’s approval

Yeti Airlines who successfully landed the first ATR 72-212A series aircraft in Nepal on 22 July 2017 is currently waiting for approval from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal to operate the inauguration flight. The ATR aircraft has already completed its test flight on 16 August. The aircraft was operated to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu for the proving flight.

The ATR 72-212A aircraft which took off for Nepalgunj from TIA to prove its airworthiness on Wednesday was diverted to Bhairahawa and later landed back to Kathmandu successfully. As been reported by the official from Yeti Airlines the ATR 72 aircraft with registration ‘9N-AMN’ took for Nepalgunj at 12:00 p.m from TIA on 16 August.

The Nepalgunj operated aircraft was diverted to Bhirahawa which landed at Gautam Buddha regional airport at around 1:45 pm local time. The ATR-72 aircraft with 15 minutes of rest at Bhairahawa departed back to Kathmandu at around 2 pm.

Authority person from flight safety depart of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal along with Yeti Airlines were onboard in the aircraft for the test flight invigilation. Engineering authorities from CAAN inspected the aircraft during its air operation. The test flight was successful, reported an official from Yeti.

An operation staff reported that the airlines is likely to receive the approval of flight operation for the ATR 72 aircraft today and the airlines has planned to inaugurate its first scheduled flight for Bhairahawa at 4 pm this evening. Sales officer from Yeti stated that he is currently at Bhairahawa airport waiting to welcome the ATR 72 to arrive for its inaugural flight.

An officer from Flight Safety Department of CAAN reported Aviation Nepal that the staffs from airlines are working to submit pending documents for the inaugural flight approval.


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