Yeti’s Technical glitch recovered; Jetstream 41 back for normal operation


Yeti Airlines Jetstream 41-MSN 41096 which suffered technical snag while landing at Bhairahawa Airport is back to its normal operation from March 19, 2018.

As per the notice issued by the Airline, the technical snag on the ‘9N-AJC’ registrar British Aerospace Jetstream aircraft was resolved by the Yeti’s Engineering Team. The aircraft came back to normal operation at around 05:30 AM NST.

The Airline has expressed apologizes for inconvenience caused for their valued passengers travelling to Bhairahawa Airport. The aircraft on its schedule flight from Kathmandu to Gautam Buddha Airport met a technical glitch on its Nose Landing gear after landing at Bhairahawa aerodrome. The runway for the airport had remained closed following the incident.

The 21.5 years small turboprop Jetstream aircraft operated by Yeti Airlines had undergone with several incidents averting the disaster in past few years. According to the report, the same aircraft nose wheel got locked in July 06 2017 while landing at Pokhara Airstrip resulting the closure of the airport for several hours.

On August 20, 2015 the same aircraft had coped with another incident on the same airport carrying 28 passengers onboard. The aircraft had suffered a runway excursion following an aborted takeoff at Bhairahawa Airport. The cause for the incident was acknowledged as a Noticing a flock of birds in the front of the aircraft, led the crew to decide to abort the takeoff. Remaining runway length was insufficient to come to a complete stop and the aircraft overran into a field with tall grass.

Likewise, on 23 February 2005, the same aircraft operated by Eastern Airways of England had also faced the failure on the flight controls system. The aircraft on its scheduled passenger flight from Aberdeen to Newcastle while climbing through 9,000 feet experienced a sharp pitch change as the autopilot was engaged. When the autopilot was disengaged, pitch control was found to be very limited. Control improved during the descent for a precautionary landing at Aberdeen, and was completely restored upon touchdown. The captain believes that failure to ensure to be jammed on the horizontal elevator tail surfaces.

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